Here is Ramsar Cable Car !

Ramsar Telecabine is a part of a paradise on the earth that begins with a green and dreamy route alongside the Caspian Seashore heated by the golden sunshine, and protrudes through the broad-leaf forest to reach the high peaks of Alborz Mountains. Doubtlessly, here is one of the most beautiful cable car transport lines in the world. This beautiful calm seashore is distanced 800 meters from Ilmili peak, presenting a unique landscape in any of the four geographical orientations. Turning 360ᵒ to the east, you will see the beautiful city of Ramsar. Chaboksar city is located on your west side. Looking toward the north, you will find nice scenery of the vast Caspian Sea; and by orienting to the south you can see the pretty peaks protruding from the virgin forests of Northern Iran.

Access Paths

Geographical Situation

Movement of cabins starts!

It is supposed to pass the 2 km long route of the Telecabine on 16 poles connected to each other by 4 km of steel-braided cable with a speed of 3 m/s within 12 minutes to enjoy an extraordinary and exciting time.

We move from the coastal building and just now our exiting adventure starts. Looking beneath, we can see beautiful sceneries of coastal road, crowded and noisy Dreamland amusement park, carting tracks with excited drivers, green fields of tea and orange gardens.

Then we reach where the cabins will accelerate to go up the steep mountainside and we can see the beautiful sceneries of Ramsar and Chaboksar through the forest trees.

In warm seasons that the temperature of the area increases, it will be sweet and interesting to find refuge from the summer heat by enjoying from the cold winds of the mountains.


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At the end of the route, another nice view above the Telecabine station will appear through the small masses of cloud.

Still there are other beauties. At the end of the route, a large part of attractions of Green City complex on the Ilmili peak will start. On this peak, pleasure is provided for any type of preference. If you seek adventure and excitement, the best choice for you will be jungle safari where you can wear safe special clothes to pass very fast the 450 m route through the trees in a hung manner. What is interesting is that to pass each zip-line to reach the next one, you must pass wooden suspension bridges and go through amusements like thousand steps Jungle Park, deep and mysterious caves of Ilmili, wreckages of the historical citadel and Bame Ramsar.


Ilmili Peak And Park

Next, there is the grand complex of Bame Ramsar Hotel that is a peaceful location with family environment where forest cottages and special suites are provided for your stay. Again here special facilities like the splendid and international Ilmili Restaurant, Ilmili Coffee shop and Baraka Cafe are provided for the tourists.

Still, the return route with a wonderful view of the seashore apparent from above the clouds is a valuable opportunity to complete this indescribable feeling.

Doubtlessly, being in Ramsar Telecabine is an incomparable experience for all tastes and the beauties of this paradise are undeniable.


What is Zip Line ?

Safety, Standards and Line Capacity

Standards of Austrian Contractor Company

Standards of Doppelmayr Company
The Austrian Contractor


Austrian Doppelmayr Contractor Company is the world’s most reliable company in Telecabine manufacturing. Doppelmayr is recognized as the leading company in the industry of engineering and manufacturing the best Telecabines, whose brilliant performance in this regard is noticeable. It is worth mentioning that more than Ramsar, this company has established safe and modern Telecabines in more than 90 countries of the world which are certified by the International Engineering Council.

Know More about technical engineering of cable car!

The standards concerned by this company are more precise and stricter than all international standards; this makes the company unique. Certainly as the manager of the grand complex of Green City puts so much emphasis on the safety of the equipment, so the only choice and surly the best one to secure the safety of the equipment was Doppelmayr.
Ramsar Telecabine has 45 cabins and 16 poles which are connected to each other with 4 km of very strong steel cable. At a height of 700 m ending to the spectacular view of Ilmili peak, these modern cabins pass the 2 km route in 2 minutes with a speed of 3m/s.
Routinely the line is checked on a daily basis by the safety personnel and engineers and has never had a failure or stoppage during its operational lifetime.