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Besides natural forest, virgin nature and modern recreations and facilities in mountainous areas, the huge complex of Green City has other recreations such as the pleasant and beautiful beach which is the most unique sea club in the area. In coastal areas, usually water sports are the most exciting sports. Nowadays, with technology development and with skills and creativity of developers of exciting recreations and sports, we are faced with a wide variety of these sports and modern technologies in the world of games and recreations. By providing an opportunity for experiencing these popular summer sports, Ramsar sea club is one of the best coastal areas for recreation in north part of Iran. There are many recreations in this huge club such as jet skiing, parasailing, water skiing, speed boat riding, marine shuttle etc. Those who are interested in sea can benefit from all of these facilities and they can even experience flying over the sea.

Getting to know with Jet ski

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What’s Jet Ski ?

Jet skis are small and modern two seat boats which have high speed and engine power. Nowadays, Jet Ski which is a combination of motorcycle and boat and allows the riders to ride alone is very popular among people. Motorcycling with real speed above the wide sea surface, without any road and limitation, has a unique feeling of freeness and calmness and everyone can apply this attractive equipment for home use and even for participating in competitions. Besides its small body, this unique and speedy equipment has a very strong engine and it is very active. It allows riders to do acrobatic and professional movements that are not possible by any other marine vehicle. One of the advantages of Jet Ski is that there is no obstacle on the surface of the sea and the rider can choose the path and the speed, that is you can ride anywhere with any speed you want and experience real speed.
It must be noted that Ramsar’s beautiful Sea Club has provided the possibility of riding with two different classes of powerful jet skis for those who are interested in different jet skis.
This attractive equipment is not only simple but also safe; when the rider fell down in the water, he can turn it off and swim to the Jet Ski. This means that at any condition, this vehicle will remain near you, so there is no risk of being alone in huge sea. Aerodynamic body of Jet Ski allows diving in the water and it increases the excitement of riding. Good news is that due to the position of engine and other technical sections which are under the protective layer, jet skis never would be drowned. Everyone even those who do not know how to swim can fall in the water with the help of rescue vest, and this has it own excitation

Jet Ski history :

Jet ski was a brand related to individual water sports equipment which was first supplied by popular Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Jet Ski is usually made of compressed fiberglass. One of the most well-known types of Jet Ski is Jet Ski 400 which entered into the market in 1973 and became so popular. It is said that this equipment is registered in United States Patent and Trademark Office, but this is not true; this attractive equipment belongs to Kawasaki. Today, Jet Ski is not only used as a recreational device, but also as sport equipment in piers. Sometime, organizations hold competitions for athletes.

The History in Iran :

Upon the command Mr. Didehmani, head of Sailing Federation, Jet Ski Committee was established in February 2008. First, jet skiing was possible just in Kish Island and north coast of Iran, i.e. Babol to Ramsar region. Now, it is very popular and common in every beach or lake.

Green city Fast boat

Fast Boats

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Boating is a classic fun and many people in different ages are interested in it. Boating on the surface of the sea and advancing forward to explore unknown and unseen things is always soothing and lovely. Ramsar sea club has provided two different classes of light and heavy recreational jet boats for different tourists with different interests. One common point in jet boating in sea, motorcycling and driving with car is speed. They also have fundamental differences. Boating is not only exciting, but also gives you the freedom of choosing the route, because there is no road limitation in the sea and the boatman has the authority to control the boat. This is one of the positive aspects of boating.
The nature of the sea loses its softness in high speed of the boat and changes to a strong and firm surface. This is very enjoyable alongside the freedom of choosing the smooth and wide path. Repeated contacts of the surface of the boat with water causes you perceive this collision with your five senses and it increases your adrenaline. When the boat hits the waves, it comes out of the water for a while and then it again goes into the water; this is like diving with exciting speed. Boating in a beautiful day makes an unrepeatable memory and we suggest it to those who are interested in excitement and speed.

Marine Shuttle and Water Skiing

Water Skiing

Water skiing is a kind of endurance and exciting water sport which brings the pleasure of surfing for the tourists. Ski needs special upper and lower body strength and the person should enjoy balanced power and a good muscular endurance to ski in high speed. The athlete wearing a special ski holds the cable handle attached to the body of the motor boat to be get dragged with the speed of 30k/h on the surface of the sea. This speed may not seem very high on the earth, but it is considered a high speed on the sea because of the athlete’s situation and the nature of the sea in controlling the speed and preserving the balance. It multiplies the excitement and made this sport as one of the popular sea recreations.

Marine Shuttle

One of the best recreations in the world of water sports is marine shuttle. Undoubtedly, sitting in a space rocket on the surface of the waves of the sea has lots of pleasure and excitement. This light and hollow device which looks like a space rocket connects to a boat with a tight and long rope. Adventurers, who want to experience it, should just sit, hold the handles and try to keep their balance in high speed and turbulence of the waves without any train or experience. Many people across the world are interested in this attractive sport; they eagerly go to the beaches every year in proper season to experience it. The style of marine shuttle causes vertical leaps on the water which ensure the possibility of falling into the water, but the time of falling is not clear and this leads to a big challenge. Riding on a marine shuttle is as exciting and uncontrollable as riding a wild cow.

Flying with Parasailing

Sea Sport or Sky Sport !

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Parasailing is flying with an exciting speed without airplane over the vast sea.
This flying can be the most incredible and exciting one in everyone’s life. Pleasure with fear and joy causes adventurers to try it. This unrepeatable experience can be possible with paraglide or parasail. Parasailing is a kind of sport which is a combination of marine sports and aerobatics. It donates athletes the pleasure of recreation in beach and height together and brings them the feeling of being like a free sea bird. To start, the person should wear rescue vest and be equipped with necessary equipment. Taking off starts with slow motion of the boat and increases with its movement and speeding up. When the speed of the boat increases during its movement in the middle of the sea, the height of the parasail will increase up to 300 meters from the sea surface and then besides fear and excitement, you can enjoy a unique sight of sea and seashore. Duration of the fly is about 10 minutes and after that the boat will come back to the beach and the sea bird will land in certain area. Don’t miss the pleasure of flying in Ramsar sea club.

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