VIP Suites

This section contains seven suites. Each one of these fantastic and beautiful suites is designed by the famous top architects of the world and by inspiring from the life style and architecture of different countries. The unique decoration of the suites conveys the feeling of comfort and being in the real place to the travelers. So, if you are interested in any one of these stylistic countries, you will experience the feeling of being in that country by residing in the related suite. The warm and lovely space and the virgin nature together with the modern welfare amenities of hotel housekeeping will completely satisfy the needs of the most fastidiousness guests. These furnished and very chic apartments are recommended in whatever aspect. A full collection of welfare services including television, satellite, DVD player, refrigerator, independent cooling and heating system, tea maker, hairdryer, western closet, shower, minibar, health supplies and other facilities are provided in the hotel. High speed internet is accessible all over the complex. Also, restaurant, coffee shop, billiards hall and table tennis are provided to entertain the guests. In total, the travelers will face no shortage during their residence in VIP suites.
The perfect equipment of VIP suites is appropriate not only for residing of the foreign travelers and tourists but also for holding the international commercial or political meetings. For example, the three sided meeting between the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Iran (Mohammad Javad Zarif), Turkey (Cavusoglu) and Azerbaijan (Elmar Mamadyarov) was hold in Bame Sabz Hotel of Ramsar on April 4 and 5, 2016. Because of fresh air full of oxygen and the indescribable beauty and comfort of the suites, here is a suitable place for holding sport camps and for rest in holidays.

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VIP Suites

             Camellia Suite ( A beautiful spring day )

This suite is designed by a Chinese architect. Its design style inspired by the vibrant Japanese and East Asian …

              Narcissus Suite (Chinese Clock)

This skillfully architected luxurious and modern suite is inspired by the civilized and refreshing culture of China and East Asia…

              Rose Suite (American Village)

This suite is designed and decorated by inspiring from North American hunting cottages and can be very interesting for old couples…

              Magnolia Suite (South Asia)

This suite is designed by taking inspiration from the passionate culture of India and Southeast Asian countries. The sweet warm colors…

              Jasmine Suite (California Sunshine)

It is a different and dreamy suite for those who want real peace. The atmosphere similar to sunny Mediterranean seashore …

              Titanic Suite

Design and decoration of Titanic suits, as suggested by its name, is inspired by recreational boats and sailing ships. The used colors…

              Honeymoon Suite No. 1

The honeymoon suites as their sweet name indicates are the best choice for young couples. Inspired by …

              Honeymoon Suite No. 2

This small suite is just as beautiful and attractive as the first one. It is designed in a single bed room form and is suitable for …

              Mountain Suite (New)

This suite is inspired by the images of summer Alpine climbing. The diversity of rich colors reminds us of verdant mountainsides …

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To book hotel, please contact us at reservation phone of Bame Sabz Hotel, Bame Sabz Tourism Agency or Online Site (if applicable)

Hotel Reservation: 011-5505

Cell Phone: +98 9125363519

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Cable car line using Advantages

Cable car tickets fees charge in bill just for the first time and for all other times it will be free

Cable car line time of service for hotel guests

All dear guests of residential suites must be at the upper site one hour before to Cable car line ending time

You can use from other facilities of Ilmili peak site with residing in Hotel Bam.

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