Trampoline is a popular recreation among children. Tensional nets and pages cause leaping energy to be multiplied and falling to be slow with rebounding. Children always welcome this recreation. Standard design of the body and using cloudy guard in dangerous parts of the device has provided a safe recreation for children. Unlike other mechanical and moving devices in amusement park, this simple device by discharging children’s energy can provide joy and mirth for them in a different way. Simple acrobatic motions with trampoline and energetic and high jumps take children to their dream’s world and they feel like champions. So, do not underrate this simple device and let your children to experience a sweet feeling by it.

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Small World full of excitement

A Land which is known as Adrenaline !

              Free Fall

Free fall is a suitable option for starting. Imagine you are in height of 26 meters from the earth; you are fully safe; you are supposed to fall very fast and then again come back to that altitude. Undoubtedly, you will spend exciting moments.

              Space Pendulum

If you are interested in tensional and rotational movements in the air, this big pendulum is very suitable.It is space pendulum’s turn …

              Fighting Tower

Undoubtedly, fighting tower is the best source of excitement and energy in dream land which has been changed to the reality …