Ramsar Green city restaurants series


Ilmili 5 Star International Restaurant


Ilmili restaurant is located on the fifth floor of Bame Sabz Ramsar building. Its nice hall with a unique view to the sea and mountain can accommodate 200 people in itself. This 5 star restaurant is located in a height of 700 m above the sea level to entertain the guests and travelers. Among the advantages of this restaurant, we can mention the following ones:

  • Experienced personnel of international class
  • Round the clock entertainment for the hotel guests
  • Beautiful modern designed hall
  • Sea ad mountain view
  • Different types of local, national and international foods

              Tele Bam Traditional Restaurant 

This restaurant with a local traditional atmosphere and summer and winter canopies is situated in the main building of the complex on the beach. It has 360° sea and mountain views. Different traditional foods (Dizi, Halim Bademjan, Mirzaghasemi, Shami), foreign foods (Chinese chicken, chicken steak, barley soup, pasta), different types of pickles, olives and traditional salads are served in different times of day.

              Advantages of eating food at Tele Bam restaurant

Among the advantages of eating food at this restaurant, we can mention the following ones:
Traditional entertainment with local clothes, Cooking different types of traditional and local foods , Beautiful sea and mountain view , The possibility of using furnished traditional canopies , Serving tea and traditional drinks

Ramsar Plaza Restaurant and Hall

Restaurant Ramsar Plaza

This restaurant with a large hall has been built in two floors. It has large windows opening to a nice view of sea and mountain.
The capacity of the two halls of this restaurant which are based on the modern standards is 400 people.

Hall Ramsar Plaza

Ramsar Plaza Hall is the host of numerous feasts and parties. The hall of this complex is equipped to the entertainment supplies for wedding ceremonies. It also is equipped to floor-lighting system, and powerful computer-controlled and audio dancing light for feasts.

Advantages of eating food in Ramsar Plaza Hall

Among the advantages of this hall, we can mention the following ones:
Experienced ad trained personnel, Different types of local, national and international foods, Nice and luxurious hall with glass ceiling and sea view, Ceremony entertainment equipment, Modern lighting and feast holding equipment, Live music performance;
and Equipment of holding wedding ceremonies


Tatilat Fast Food

Tatilat (Holiday) fast food restaurant is located on the northern site behind the main building near the seashore.

This fast food restaurant includes a ceiled interior hall and an open space with different types of starters, pizza, Berger, fried chicken, sandwiches and drinks, all of which are prepared with fresh materials.

In a unique coastal weather, this fast food restaurant with an attractive design near Abb & Atash (water and fire) pool has provided a different place for fast foods fans.

You can use from other facilities of Ilmili peak site with residing in Hotel Bam.