Starfish (Dreamland)

Starfish is the third generation of children’s carousel.

Nice music and soft motions in colorful cabins is dreamy and sweet for children. This device is joyful for children who have delicate spirit.

Rising and falling of cabins in mild rotation around the main axis and secondary rotation of each cabin is cheerful for children. The motions are designed with controlled acceleration to ensure children’s security and there is no risk in any motion.

Permitted weight
for every cabin
maximum of 100kg

Capacity of passengers
every cabin 4 children
or 1 adult and 2 children

Using the device
children with 70 to 110cm height
is permitted by one parent.

Number of cabins


Rotation speed

5 or 6 round every minute

Permitted age

3 to 12 years

Star Fish Picture Gallery

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