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Ramsar Sea Club

Besides natural forest, virgin nature and modern recreations and facilities in mountainous areas, the huge complex of Green City has other recreations such as the pleasant and beautiful beach which is the most unique sea club in the area. In coastal areas, usually water sports are the most exciting sports. Nowadays, with technology development and with skills and creativity of developers of exciting recreations and sports, we are faced with a wide variety of these sports and modern technologies in the world of games and recreations. By providing an opportunity for experiencing these popular summer sports, Ramsar sea club is one of the best coastal areas for recreation in north part of Iran. There are many recreations in this huge club such as jet skiing, parasailing, water skiing, speed boat riding, marine shuttle etc. Those who are interested in sea can benefit from all of these facilities and they can even experience flying over the sea.

Dreamland Amusement Park

Dreamland is a small world full of youth excitement. It is a world of new experiences that gifts you the passion of youth. Here you have the time to explore unknown and beautiful world and never surrender. You can experience your dreams here!
By artistic restoration of the world’s attractive animations which are memories of some parts of everyone’s life, Dreamland has created a sweet environment to give you the time of being among lovely creatures far from the real life.

Rakart Karting Track

Today, karting is one of the popular recreational sports among teens and youth. Foothill side of Ramsar telecabine includes one of the most equipped karting tracks in Northern Iran; and, definitely driving in an equipped and modern track is more enjoyable than driving in a smaller track with poor facilities. Ramsar Rakart karting track equipped to the most up to date facilities, designed according to the international standards and measuring 600 meters in length and 8 meters in width provides a suitable place for an exciting driving. This track by using the best birel karts of 2014 to 2016 made in Italy and equipped to time registration system provides a good opportunity for those who are interested in professional driving. Rakart beautiful coffee shop provides a sweet environment for the tourists in order to welcome athletes in their rest time.

Maya Cruise ship

This beautiful and modern cruise is very suitable for those who haven’t had the experience of short marine journey. Maya is the only luxury tourism and passenger float in Caspian Sea and this causes it to be unique among other sea recreations. Advanced technology and special engineering design in building this beautiful float causes its stability in the water, and it also has a very calm and uniform movement which can be very funny and sweet for those who are sensitive to sailing. Maya also has many up to date and modern welfare facilities of navigation which provide all things for having a safe recreational day.

Zip Line (Forest Safari)

Zip Line of Forest Safari in a place in the middle of forest on the southern ridge of Ilmili mountain, in Thousand Step Jungle Park, just above Ramsar Green City Complex’s telecabine line, is ready to provide you the most exciting time of your life in a way that you may only have seen in TV or satellite programs. Ramsar forest safari with two woody suspension bridges between speedy zip lines has provided you an attractive and unique journey above green valleys and forests. Passing through the forest and stepping on woody suspension bridges without any sign of urban modern life is the best time to experience the best type of explanatory adventure in forest. In addition to twofold excitement and the joy of flying in the forest, you should know that all of this equipment is safe and its accurate engineering guarantees tourist’s safety, so recreate and enjoy without any anxiety.

Artemis Paintball Club

Live chess or paintball is an exciting and strategic game played in group and in the form of battle with war weapons with this difference that jelly balls filled with safe paints are used instead of dangerous bullet. One of the attractions of this game is using various strategies. Yet, more than 100 scenarios and strategies have been determined for this game and the stages of this game are being formed by them. These strategies are used according to the level of players and the most important of which are capturing the flag and battle to the latest person. These scenarios have many advocates among players. From the very beginning of its introduction to the world of physical and strategic games, this game has been noticed by the youth and it has been changed to a funny game.

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