Space Ship (Dreamland)

Space wars and heroes who go to the space by flying saucer for hunting evils, are a familiar fantasy for children. It is an allegorical battle between good and evil worlds which came from children’s favorite cartoons to the amusement park world. This attractive device is full of inspiration for our creative children. Here, they see themselves in the role of Spiderman and Superman and chase the evils. Actually, how children achieve this imagination and poetic taste? This time when you come to Dreamland, pay attention to the face of your children when they are in spaceship.

Flight altitude

4/5 m

Maximum speed

4 m/s

Permitted age

3 to 12 years

Capacity of passenger

24 people

Number of cabins


Total Height

7 m

Space ship picture gallery

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Small World full of excitement

A Land which is known as Adrenaline !

              Free Fall

Free fall is a suitable option for starting. Imagine you are in height of 26 meters from the earth; you are fully safe; you are supposed to fall very fast and then again come back to that altitude. Undoubtedly, you will spend exciting moments.

              Space Pendulum

If you are interested in tensional and rotational movements in the air, this big pendulum is very suitable.It is space pendulum’s turn …

              Fighting Tower

Undoubtedly, fighting tower is the best source of excitement and energy in dream land which has been changed to the reality …