Green city series of coffeeshops

More than ice cream and sweet shops and park food restaurants which provide the tourists with the pleasure of eating junk foods at the time of sightseeing.
There are five nice coffee shops with very diverse environments to entertain the guests with juices, ice-creams, desserts and cool and hot drinks. At any section of the complex, a coffee shop suitable for that section is ready to entertain you.

Ilmili International Coffee Shop

Ilmili coffee shop is located on the upper station of cable car. On one side, this coffee shop with modern decorations and nostalgic green and golden colors is adjacent to cable car station and on the other side; it is near the private terrace in the forest. This terrace has an extraordinary view to sea. This coffee shop is open round the clock.



Lavita Coffee Shop

On the northern side of the main building of Ramsar Telecabine, there is a nice coffee shop with colorful umbrellas in a beautiful environment enclosed by stony hedge and flower pots that has created a very nice space. This romantic place is Lavita coffee shop.

Bar cafe’s and park foods

Access situation of bar cafe’s of green city

              Rakart Coffee Shop 

Rakart coffee shop is a part of carting complex. Besides the ordinary menu of coffee shops, it serves energy drinks and fast foods and has created a nice space near the carting track.

              Dreamland Coffee Shop 

Dreamlands amusement park with a fantastic combination of Jurassic period and Alice in wonderland can be a good host of your happy times. Dreamland’s coffee shop in a building with a fantastic design of leaves and roots is located just at the middle of the amusement park. This coffee shop with different tasty foodstuff and with canopies designed in the shape of huge mushrooms of Jurassic period is ready to entertain you.

              Baraka Coffee Shop 

Baraka coffee shop is located in the middle of thousand steps Jungle Park. The wooden canopies have created an intimate and friendly environment in the broad-leaf forest. The forestry environment of this park with natural steps and pavilion is really spectacular.

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