Dream Land !

Dreamland is a small world full of youth excitement. It is a world of new experiences that gifts you the passion of youth. Here you have the time to explore unknown and beautiful world and never surrender. You can experience your dreams here !
By artistic restoration of the world’s attractive animations which are memories of some parts of everyone’s life, Dreamland has created a sweet environment to give you the time of being among lovely creatures far from the real life.
When you arrive at the amusement park, lovely ant Flick, the character of a popular animation which was a candidate of Oscar, welcomes you. Simba and Mufassa from popular animation of Lion King are here with you. You can also see gigantic statues of dinosaurs of the animation of the Island of Dinosaurs here. Talented designers have inspired from the best and the most popular animations which everybody likes to provide a sweet environment for the tourists. Some parts of the amusement park which has shops and different park food shops with beautiful cartoon design covered with lots of plants, has created the environment of Jurassic era. In Jurassic period, giant mushrooms and dinosaurs were observable everywhere. This beautiful and effortful animation, from which Jurassic is inspired, has won four prizes and was candidate of sixteen prizes in famous international festivals. Other facilities of dream land are 6D cinema and live music venue which provides more amusements and funnier environment for you.
In addition, Dreamland Coffee Shop is ready to welcome the youth and tourists with sweet and lovey environment.

Dreamland Amusement Park

Artistic rebuilding of world lovable animations

              Mountain Car

It is a maquette of a beautiful and small street with fantasy and small bridges and cars which resembles every child’s dreams and imaginations…

              Fruit Fly Train

This beautiful train is a small fantasy of special train coasters which is favored by each child. Cartoon world is full of animal fantasies…

              Ground Carousel

Musical and rotational carousel is always the most popular device of amusement parks for children…


Space wars and heroes who go to the space by flying saucer for hunting evils, are a familiar fantasy for children…


Complication of a space travel has unparalleled excitement for the children. It is a new generation of flying saucers …


Starfish is the third generation of children’s carousel. Nice music and soft motions in colorful cabins is …

              Spinning Slide

Roller coasters or spinning and rail machines are one of the most exciting devices in amusement parks. The present sample is …

              Cup of Tea

Cup of tea is a classic device of the amusement park. There are a rotational table and chairs which are designed like a …


Trampoline is a popular recreation among children. Tensional nets and pages cause leaping energy to …

A mixture of pleasure and excitement


Bumper Car

Yes! It is the same as traditional electrical machines, with the same excitement, with new up to date cars.
It is a world for all children and adults; they can follow and chase each other, without any rule, damage or fine.

Measure your venture and daring !

A Land which is known as Adrenaline !

              Free Fall

Free fall is a suitable option for starting. Imagine you are in height of 26 meters from the earth; you are fully safe; you are supposed to fall very fast and then again come back to that altitude. Undoubtedly, you will spend exciting moments.

              Space Pendulum

If you are interested in tensional and rotational movements in the air, this big pendulum is very suitable.It is space pendulum’s turn …

              Fighting Tower

Undoubtedly, fighting tower is the best source of excitement and energy in dream land which has been changed to the reality …