Thousand steps jungle park

Thousand steps jungle park is one of the most spectacular jungle parks of the Northern Iran. Being built on the height of Ilmili peak, this park is reachable only via the modern Telecabine of this area. This great park with beautiful stony steps extends on the ridge of the mountain up to the height of 900 meter. Among the attractions of this park, we can mention to the unique view of the sea and the mountain covered by forest. A wonderful view of Ramsar and Chaboksar cities is observable by 360ᵒ turn around. Besides the beautiful stony steps, zip line safari is another attraction of this spectacular and virgin forest wherein an exciting trip above the forest and green valleys is provided through two wooden suspension bridges and the zip lines. The thousand steps jungle park is located on a height surrounded by rain clouds, so it has damp cool weather that has provided a certain plant coverage and animal variety in this area. In the middle of the forest, the golden beams of the sun shining through the broad-leaf trees, the enjoyable sound of rare birds and the cool air full of oxygen bring us an indescribable feeling that makes this area a paradise on the earth.

The most dreamful jungle of north of country

Far from the noisy cities, you can experience here an incomparable feeling of peace and comfort in the dreamiest forest of Northern Iran. If you feel tired or hungry after this trip, you can renew your strength in the two coffee shops which serve different foods and drinks.

Bame Ramsar is located above the jungle hotel, i.e. on the sixth floor. The splendid international Ilmili restaurant situated on the third floor with an exceptional view provides a comfortable atmosphere for serving foods appropriate for different tastes. On the eastern side of the park, the village of residential cottages with the facilities of a 4 star hotel is provided for the rest of the travelers.

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