Orkideh Massage Hall 

In a mythical combination of tenderness and harshness, the interior space of this suite gives you the feeling of being in the legends. All welfare facilities are provided for this 80 sq. Norwegian forest suite.

Orkideh massage hall measuring 80 sq. meters in area is one of the most favorite suites of Bame Sabz. The space of Orkideh suite is enriched by vigor of Scandinavian pine. A long time ago, Scandinavia was the kingdom of Vikings who dominated the land and sea with their strong wooden ships.

• Cable car tickets fees charge in bill just for the first time and for all other times it will be free

• All dear guests of residential suites must be at the upper site one hour before to Cable car line ending time

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Lobby Of Hall
Massage Hall

You can use from other facilities of Ilmily peak site with residing in Hotel Bam