ATV - Four Wheel Motorcycle

The command of excitement is in your hands !

Green City ATV Track :

At the end of the path of Dreamland Amusement Park, an interesting road has been designed and simulated which is specialized to those who are interested in rough, fast and safe car racing.
Off-road is a professional type of car racing which is performed in especial places on dirt rugged roads with ups and downs and brings the joy of jump in height to the drivers. Driving in these roads is only possible by especial cars and motorcycles which have the capability to pass the obstacles, heights and ups and downs of dirt roads. Available four-wheel motorcycles in Ramsar telecabine track are cars which allow the tourists to drive in especial situations.

About ATV Motorcycles:

ATV or four-wheel motorcycles are famous for going everywhere. Because of their design, especially their unique and big tires which allow them to move along ups and downs and dirt roads; ATVs can go to places which are impossible for other cars or motorcycles and this feature distinguishes them from other vehicles. Sporty type of this vehicle is used in off-road champions, hard situations, dramatic tournaments and jumps, but there is another type of ATV which is used for agriculture, ecotourism, hunting, etc. ATVs have different models of which three ones are

Youth Model , Utility model , sport model

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Different Types of ATV :

Youth model :

This model is suitable for youth because of its fair price, light engine and safety.

Utility Model :

There is a model of ATV, known as utility model, which is used for working in farm, traveling in nature, carrying camping equipment, etc. Utility ATVs usually have stronger suspension system, luggage compartment and 4-stroke motorcycles. In comparison to other models (sport model or youth model), this model is safe against mud because of its big tires, fender and bigger body. In this model transfer of energy to the tires is through drive shaft, so it is different from chain system of sport ATVs. ATV motorcycles with hand gear have a strong first gear which provides a high torque for moving. Most of the utility ATVs don’t have clutch, but they consist of heavy clutch for creating high torque. The control of this type of ATVs is very good and you can easily learn to drive them. It’s worth mentioning that this type of ATV is very suitable for nature travel and fishing.

SPORT Model :

Because of their special application, sport model of these motorcycles are lighter and faster (more accelerated) than the Utility ATV model. They are 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycles designed for produce high acceleration. Usually, this type of ATV has 5 or 6 gears and like utility model, it is equipped to reverse gear. Of course, the 250cc models have automatic gear. Suspension system of this type of ATVs is long to ward off the hit caused by landing. Because of smaller body of this model, you would be muddy while driving them in rainy days. Control of this type of ATV is more difficult than the previous models, so it needs more practice.